John Schneider

John is 49 years old and married to Daralyn Schneider. They have been married for 26 years and met while John was stationed in Lubbock, Tx. While serving in the United States Air Force. They have two children Ian and Cathryn. Ian is serving with the airborne division of the United States Army and is married. Cathryn is attending school at Western Washington University.

John left the Air Force in 1990 and began his career as a police officer working for the City of Lawrence. In 1995 he left Lawrence to become a police officer for the city of Indianapolis where he worked until 2012. John left Indianapolis Police to work for CSX railroad police department where he is currently working for the Great Lakes division stationed in Indianapolis, IN. During his police career John has worked as a city patrol officer, HAZMAT technician, Emergency Response unit, Narcotics detective, neighborhood resource officer, foot and bicycle division and general detective during his career in law enforcement.

John has several hobbies that include; working out doing cross fit training and dancing which he does with his wife Daralyn. John has been dancing for about two years and finds it challenging, exciting and fun.

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