Beth Firulli

Just celebrated her 25th -25th birthday and has been a faculty research scientist within the Riley Heart Research Center in the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research at Riley Hospital for over 13 years. Beth’s career has been dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms that orchestrate the specification, differentiation and morphogenesis of the embryonic heart. Congenital Heart defects are the most common congenital defect encountered in humans and occur in 1 in 100 live births. To gain a better understanding on how these common defects occur, we must get a better understanding of the molecular blue prints that specify and pattern our 4-chambered heart. Working within the framework of the Wells Center has been a fantastic place to take on this task as the resources, infrastructure, and people that keep the Wells Center one of the best centers for study of pediatric illnesses is unsurpassed. Beth also organizes the “Treat Yourself Thursday” program on campus where local food trucks come to campus every Thursday during the lunch hours and donate 15% of their profits each week to the Riley Children’s Foundation.

When Beth is not working in the lab, she is an avid foodie, sewer, quilter and pet lover (3 dogs). (Notice-dancer is not listed. Beth usually only dances with her dog Bonnie in the privacy of her home.) Beth has 6 chickens, two beehives and a yard full of pumpkins that would make Jack the Pumpkin King jealous, but Beth is most proud of her two beautiful daughters. “Working with the Riley Children’s Foundation has been such a privilege. Everyone is so engaged in working towards a common goal of circumventing the effects of childhood illnesses – I just need an extra day each week where I can get everything on my list done “

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