Mina Starsiak

Mina was born according to her own schedule, two weeks late, and since then has run not only her world, but those of anyone around her who will let them, according to her schedule, which, unlike her delayed birth, is one of unchecked urgency.

After graduating from Brebeuf, where she did a short stint in show choir, Mina went to IU where her multitude of talents led her to a degree in general studies, with minors in business and sociology. During her high school and college careers, Mina worked in a real estate rental office, as a waitress, at Cookies & More, Debrand Chocolates, Lady Di, Suntan City, and others.

MIna's renaissance skills always had trouble finding a home that allowed them all to shine, until she graduated from college and bought her first home. This home's desperate need for rehabilitation allowed Mina's great aesthetic, spatial ability; planning; procurement; logistics; financial, time and personnel management to be utilized in the highest and best way.

Once bitten by the rehab bug, the only thing a person can do is keep rehabbing, and Mina was no exception here. She started a company, "Two Chicks and a Hammer", and rehabbed her way through Fountain Square until her work was discovered on Facebook by the production company, High Noon Entertainment. HGTV green lit a pilot, which became a season and then second season of a TV show, “Good Bones”, which can be seen on HGTV.

Not only is Mina’s big heart changing the world around her for the better, it also radiates on to her complicated, extended family. She exemplifies what it means to love unconditionally while providing support and guidance for those she loves, or even those who happen to be in range and need.

This is a girl who gets things done and motivates others to do the same. You definitely want her in your corner. She will help you through life’s obstacles and make sure the parties are unparalleled.

Says her Mom, who is never wrong.

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