Austin Aynes

Austin Aynes

Housing Developer working to restore communities to prior glory. Member of the demolition team on HGTV’s series “Good Bones”

I am an Indianapolis native and have been local for my whole home life. Traveled the world, but still find myself coming back home. Born and raised in Speedway I was a town traitor and attended Speedway rival Cardinal Ritter for my High School years. Followed my high school education with a hop, jump, and a skip down the road to Butler University where I graduated with a B.S. in biology and the dreams to attend physical therapy school. Sadly, it remained a dream.

With the conclusion of what I will call my learning and growing chapter of my life (though you never truly stop learning and growing) I was ready to find a way to live, a means to put a roof over my head and some food in my stomach. Really, I was back home at my mom’s and knew I needed a job fast. While at Butler I had done some demolition work with a high school football teammate. It was casual in the sense of I kind of did it without thinking because I needed rent money to retake calculus (see why the dream remained a dream).

My current coworker and previous (and still) demo buddy dropped a line to me at the beginning of my senior year that his sister’s company was having a pilot for a TV show filmed and wanted me to participate. So naturally I skipped a social psychology test (there is a theme here) to come out and participate. I say all that to say this; season 1 of what has become to be called Good Bones was starting right as all my applications were getting not responded to or denied.

So, against my mother’s better wishes I became a full-time laborer for the construction crew. It was fun. It was more dirty than it was fun. Then winter came and I knew with it a work shortage. I got a new job, one that would use my degree and smarts and all that jazz.

Well that lasted two years and I decided that it wasn’t for me, and Two Chicks and a Hammer was expanding so I left the lab world to return to the grit and grime of housing restoration, where I find myself currently and hopefully for the foreseeable future.