Karen Loftus

President, Loftus Engineering, Inc.

I moved to Central Indiana at the age of 13. Having grown up in Northern California, the environment in the late 1970s in Indiana was new to me. It didn’t take long for me to feel at home, and I am still close to some of the first friends that I made at Cathedral High School. I have found this inviting culture in so many Indiana institutions and neighborhoods, including Riley Children’s Health.

After five years of education at Purdue University and co-oping at Detroit Diesel Allison (now Rolls-Royce) I settled into an engineering career in Indianapolis. Becoming engaged to another engineer who had always wanted to be an Air Force pilot meant a big change. During my husband’s time in the service, we lived in several very diverse areas around our beautiful country. We returned to our adopted home of Indiana when the military journey was complete.

My husband then supported my dream of starting a consulting engineering firm here in Indiana. This summer, Loftus Engineering will celebrate 20 years with an amazing staff and a history of helping our clients, including Riley Children’s Health, to serve their mission of providing life-changing health care to its patients.

While I am passionate about several charitable causes, I am not accustomed to fundraising. I do have many family members, friends and colleagues who have invited me to support their worthy charitable organizations. I enjoy helping them fulfill the goals for their charities. Now, due to Reason to Dance, Reason for Hope, I can introduce my circle to the wonderful and meaningful cause of Riley Children’s Health. I am very excited about this opportunity to call attention to the mission of Riley!

I am always dancing when nobody is watching. This is a great reason to dance in public, to celebrate my two children and two grandchildren.

Karen Loftus