Marc Menzies

Marc Menzies, originally a New Yorker, recently transplanted himself and his family to the gentle rhythms of Indiana. His vibrant wife, Anya and their two lively boys, Jacob (4) and Noah (2), have accompanied him on this thrilling new journey.

In the professional arena, Marc is marked as a stalwart within the tech industry. Holding the reins as President and CTO at Overview Technology Solutions, a reputable company based both in Long Island, NY, and Fort Wayne, IN, he leads a dedicated team pushing the boundaries in IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance.

Marc’s upbringing is interesting – a family environment reverberating with the echoes of dance. His parents, Lynn and Gerard, and sister, Laura, all reveled in the world of dance. His wife, a ballroom dancer in her college years. Marc, however, diffused from the pattern – he was more an observer than a participant.

Now, in his new life chapter, Marc is cautiously stepping into the spotlight he previously shied away from. This is his opportunity to enter the rhythmic universe his family so dearly cherishes. The stage is set for Marc to take his first steps, merging the technology and dance worlds in a whimsical ballet of his very own!